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How to protect your building from the rainy season?

Waterproofing your deck during the rainy season

Project Description

An existing seminary along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue has an approximately 800 sqm concrete roof deck that faces numerous problems such as concrete topping cracks, incorrect sloping, delaminated waterproofing membrane.

The existing waterproofing membrane was an embedded-type (protected by a concrete topping) TPO membrane.

Following appointment by the owners, the specialist waterproofing installer Zumicon Waterproofing assigned a team to identify a robust waterproofing solution for the project.

Project Requirements

Without a product specified by the owner, PCAB-Licensed contractor Zumicon Coating and Waterproofing Services Co. contacted its team of experts to discuss the requirements of the project with the owner's most trusted Building Engineers.

Zumicon explained the original waterproofing membrane had failed and that the client needed a robust solution that could be quickly and easily applied over the surface area; this needed to be exposed and applied to a sloped and stable concrete to avoid the previous issues faced by the owners.

Zumicon Coating and Waterproofing has partnered with various reputable manufacturers that design industry-tested waterproofing membranes. Known for their performance and longevity, the systems are made to be reliable in every conceivable climate. The product's workability allowed Zumicon to work with exposed decks even amidst the rainy season.

Alongside a product that was compatible, the project needed to be completed in a short timeframe, cause little disruption and take into account inclement weather conditions.


Another day, another problem solved.

Zumicon's solution consisted of a cold-applied waterproofing membrane. This was proposed for the project because of the speed of application it could offer and the hassle-free maintenance of the coating.

One of its unique properties is that it is cold-applied, and because of this doesn’t require specialist equipment, heat, or naked flames.

Firstly, the existing concrete topping and waterproofing membranes were removed with a mechanical planer or whatever means necessary. It is then followed by the installation of a sloped and reinforced concrete topping to ensure that the waterproofing will be applied to a topping that is free of any water ponding.

It is followed by the need to mechanically prepare the surface and install fillets to all podiums and parapet junctions before applying the waterproofing membrane.

Following suitable preparation, the actual application of Zumicon's chosen waterproofing coating is targeted to be completed in less than a week, meaning, once cured, other trades could commence shortly after and work could be completed on time.

Zumicon, through its years of expertise, has successfully chosen a set of systems that are ideally suited to the waterproofing of podium deck slabs thereby offering a one-stop- solution for waterproofing the entire structure.

Zumicon is 2 weeks ahead of its schedule despite the rainy weather.

The main challenge of this project was the time of year the work was to be carried out.

It was important that the weather was suitable as moisture in the substrate needs to be low for the waterproofing system to be applied. This meant Zumicon's Project management team needed to plan ahead, checking the weather forecast a week in advance and then booking dates for requisite work.

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Zumicon July 2021
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