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Philippine Waterproofing Company in Metro Manila - Zumicon : The experts on top.

If the roof is leaking, a good choice is an elastomeric roof coating system designed to cover the roof, bridging all gaps and seams to act as a wrapping system for the roof. Sealbond Bondflex Elastomeric Waterproofing have great elongation and provide excellent waterproofing performance when combined with sealing the seams and entry points of the roof with the appropriate accompanying systems.

At a small fraction of the cost of replacement, these types of restoration systems are selected by owners as an effective and cost-efficient alternative to complete replacement.

The people behind Zumicon has solid years of practical experience painting and waterproofing industrial and commercial facilities, including the corrective and protecting of our clients’ roofing investments. Employing methods that are intended to protect the roof and stop damaging corrosion, we can prolong the service life of your roof for years to come.

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