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It is important to waterproof your roof deck this summer!

Our roof decks and balconies lend a tropical vibe to your homes and give buildings dwellings a vantage point from which to look out on a nice garden or gorgeous scenery — or simply a place to chill and enjoy an evening under the stars with your family. Now that you’ve enjoyed your deck for yet another summer, the rainy and stormy months upon us could start to cause some serious damage. Particularly if you haven’t waterproofed your deck in a long time (or ever), you may discover some unpleasant problems by the time next summer rolls around. The importance of waterproofing is something you’ve perhaps ignored, despite hearing about your neighbors using it on their decks. If you’ve had your deck for at least a few years, things can start to happen that quickly snowball and become a bigger problem. If a professional waterproofing inspector realizes you need waterproofing during the rainy season you’ll have to wait until a dry day. Applying the coatings in the pouring rain just counteracts the benefits.

In that regard, you may have to wait until another summer season when things dry out. Still, it’s a perfect time to get your waterproofing done since you’ll get a more accurate inspection done first. You’ll be able to enjoy your deck for yet another summer immediately after the coatings become applied. Most importantly, you’ll have your deck protected from excess moisture for years to come. Contact us now. 7-368-9110, 0915-174-6673,


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