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A Proud BASF Admixture Distributor

We are very pleased to announce that we are now a distributor for BASF Concrete and Cement Admixtures. The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF leads the construction industry as an innovator of advanced products supplied to the ready mix, precast/prestressed, concrete masonry, paving and underground construction markets to improve the placing, pumping, finishing, appearance, performance and sustainability characteristics of concrete.

BASF admixtures, an international chemical company that provides the widest range of high-quality admixtures used for concrete. We offer a comprehensive line of high-quality plasticizers to increase concrete productivity, performance, and efficiency, as well as complementary admixtures to improve strength, durability, water resistance, aesthetics and sustainable attributes of concrete.

Plasticizers and Superplasticizers

Our specially formulated admixtures have water-reducing properties that allow the production of high-strength durable concrete, and possess high workability characteristics for ease of placement. These plasticizers can be found under the MasterGlenium, MasterPolyheed, MasterRheobuild, and MasterPozzolith product families and can be combined with our MasterSure technology, to enhance slump retention, without impacting setting time.

  • MasterGlenium: high-range water-reducing admixtures.

  • MasterPolyheed: non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixtures.

  • MasterRheobuild: high-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties.

  • MasterPozzolith: water-reducing admixtures for lower strength concrete.

  • MasterSure: slump retention technology for concrete.

  • MasterCast: concrete enhancers for manufactured concrete producers.

At your request, I can send you our product brochures and price list in PDF format for your perusal, or you may peruse our website at Should you be interested in this cooperation or have any questions in this regard, please feel free to give me a call at 531-6340 or send us an email at

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